Because I want to do a fine art still life piece, I’ve looked at some of the most famous still life photographers, and how they worked with lighting and their subject.

First I looked Edward Weston. I know some of his most famous images are those of the peppers, and his clever lighting style, but for the image I want to produce I was more interested in looking at his work with shells, particularly the image in the top left. I like how minimalist the image is, and how harsh the shell looks against the black background. I like how this brings out the texture in the shell because the black background accentuates the shadows the ridges create in comparison to the bright white of the shell.

After Ed Weston, I looked at two other still life photographic artists: Irving Penn and Karl Blossfeldt. It’s Irving Penn’s mushrooms which interest me most from his body of work - I like how there are very few greys in the image, and the very stark contrast between the white mushrooms and the dark background. This is also what I like about Karl Blossfeldt’s work, only of course in reverse. I love the tones in the bottom right image, and how the shadow on the flower contrasts heavily in comparison to the white background.

Much like these images, I want to create a stark contrast between my subject and the background, making my pointe shoes stand out against their background.

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